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“Jackie is an amazing coach and mentor who has guided me greatly over a period of about 6 months.  I have really benefitted from her intuitiveness and inside out approach, as this is the way I like to work - thank you Universe!    Jackie also really supported me with book suggestions, video clips and fantastic support in between sessions too.   I also felt loved and supported by Jackie which was super important to me.  I would be happy to recommend Jackie to anyone.” - Rosemarie St Louis


"As part of my Life Coaching course with Achievement Specialists I had the privilege of being mentored by Jackie Fletcher. To say that she knows her 'stuff' is an understatement and while I have never met Jackie in person (hopefully to be rectified one day soon), she very quickly got the measure of me and the support I needed towards achieving my goals. When needed she provided me with the tools and processes which would help my own coaching practice and continually passes on excellent contacts for further education and learning. I am very appreciative to Jackie for all she has given me through her expertise, coaching skills and style. For any new coaches out there, I can highly recommend Jackie as a mentor and coach to get you to where you want to be. Thank you Jackie for inspiring me." - Siobhan Fitzpatrick, Executive & Personal Life Coach


"Having used coaching in my work for a number of years, I wanted to get up the next level and set-up a business/practice that works for me and my clients who share my values. Jackie and I have worked together for over a year and she is someone I can turn to and talk to with total confidence and know I will come away refreshed, inspired and motivated and most of all with some ACTIONS which will move me forward. Jackie has lots of little nuggets, links, contacts, tips and tools that I have found particularly useful. Body language is important and Words are still powerful - see Jackie's little book of quotes, I use it most days for me and my work. Jackie has a unique background and experience, into which she easily dips to bring out a relevant example that resonates. She is an excellent listener, who is organised and always 'in the zone' for her clients. A great friend to have on my side."

- Dave Grundy


"I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to be mentored by Jackie over the past 6 months. She has supported and encouraged me to overcome my limiting beliefs and reach my full potential, and her wealth of knowledge and experience has been invaluable. I have always felt Jackie is really 'for' me, and she puts herself out to provide a service over and above that which is expected." - Claire Smith


"As an aspiring coach myself, working with Jackie has really put me on the right path, much sooner and more efficiently than if I was setting up my business alone. I would most certainly recommend hiring a coach to assist this process. Each session with Jackie allowed me to express myself, my ideas and my thoughts towards my business. At the same time every session achieved uncovering a new layer of thinking and direction of goals towards achieving my business. In an ideal world, I would work with Jackie every step of the way, in reality, Jackie has given me the tools and drive to carry on moving forward and building up." - Helena Barnes


"I worked with Jackie as my mentor coach for a period of six months. During this time Jackie empowered me to stay focused, maintain commitment and most importantly, have belief in me. Our sessions were completely client lead and enabled me to progress through a variety of issues relating to my own learning journey. Her wealth of knowledge and experience as a coach is invaluable and this combined with her modest non directional coaching approach leaves me no hesitation in recommending Jackie to any new trainee coach." - N. Shearer


"I have had the pleasure of working with Jackie over the last 6 months and she has supported me on my journey to attain my own coaching qualification. I can wholeheartedly recommend Jackie as a coach and mentor. I have found her to be knowledgeable, supportive and generous in terms of her time and wealth of information and resources. Jackie uses her toolbox of questions, techniques and experiences to guide you to find your own way to move forward to success. She is intuitive, skilful and a complete joy to work with — thank you!" - Caroline Eveleigh


"I would like to thank you again for your support, guidance and expertise in life coaching. You are an inspiration. When I think back to our sessions I know that I will be a Life Coach. You have given me my confidence back and helped clear the fog in this exciting and eventful venture I am about to encounter. I cannot believe how much knowledge you have and I am so grateful for all the recommended literature and techniques you have given me. I will be back for more and anyone who uses you will certainly get their money's worth!" - Helen B–C, Birmingham


"I am truly fortunate to have had Jackie as my mentor coach. She has a warm, open and positive approach and was genuinely committed to supporting me in starting my own coaching practice. I found the sessions fun, highly thought provoking and full of encouragement. I have benefited immensely from her incredible knowledge and vast experience. So, thank you Jackie, for giving me the tools and confidence to succeed!" -  Lesley–Anne, L.A. Coaching – France


"Jackie worked as my Mentor Coach and she massively improved my coaching. She gave me practical advice which improved the quality of my coaching, helped with the admin work surrounding coaching and given me some marketing tips. I had extremely valuable discussions with her regarding the coaching topics of values, beliefs and needs. Having her personal feedback has really showed me not just which areas I need to improve on, but also shown me what I've been doing well. As a result of all this, I now feel much more confident in my coaching and I feel like am really moving forward now. Without her feedback, I would have been making the same mistakes and progress would have been much slower. Shee always made me feel comfortable and I always came away feeling really positive. She was good fun to work with and I would definitely recommend hiring her as a coach." - Alistair Miller


"Thank you very much, Jackie, for our inspiring sessions together. Your warmth, open–minded manner and generosity in sharing all your wealth of knowledge and experience have been fantastic. Having the coaching sessions with you have certainly been a wise investment, both in terms of my Career Coaching Practice and for me personally. Through modelling you, I know that my coaching skills have developed, therefore benefiting me and also my clients. Isn't it wonderful that your wisdom spreads through so many people! I appreciate your clarity; treating me as an equal, and celebrating my successes. Thank you, Jackie, for being a great coach and mentor."

- Lindsey Reed


"I have been most fortunate to have had Jackie Fletcher as my mentor coach over the past few months. She has sensitively dealt with my insecurities and doubts ensuring that I continue to progress towards my goals. She has been extremely generous with her knowledge and experience which, along with her insight, has enriched and deepened my understanding.


"As a result of Jackie's coaching my confidence has soared, I have exceeded my expectations and achieved so much more than I thought was possible. Her coaching has been a fantastic illustration of the positive, accelerating power of life coaching. My studying is complete and I now have my own coaching practice — fabulous!" - Fiona Laurent, Renew Life Coaching


"I had 12 mentor coaching sessions with Jackie, as part of my Achievement Specialists Life Coaching qualification. Without these sessions I certainly would not have made as much progress as quickly as I did, and it was very satisfying to share my success — from my first client to completion of my course and qualification. Jackie is extremely encouraging, warm, supportive, challenging in the right doses, a great listener and an invaluable source of knowledge, experience and inspiration that really helped my motivation and momentum in setting up my coaching practice. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jackie as a coach and mentor, and will most definitely be keeping in touch." - Sarah Robinson


"I was looking for a coach to help with relationship issues, time management and study anxieties and I'm so glad I chose Jackie. Over the course of six sessions we were able to work through different issues and, as a result, I felt more empowered and confident on what I was working towards, both professionally and personally. Jackie challenged me to move forward, whilst remaining empathic and supportive throughout. She also mentored me as I worked through my studying for a Diploma in Life Coaching. As a result, I'm due to qualify in the next few months and I've had the courage and conviction to make major changes in my personal life." - Rebekah Roberts, South West


"Jackie Fletcher mentored me through my Achievement Specialists course, and this was one of the best investments I have ever made! With Jackie's fantastic, supportive coaching I feel that I have gained wonderful insight into the coaching world and have personally gained such valuable support, encouragement and confidence. Jackie is extremely generous with her time and resources and is rich in knowledge and skills. I have learned so much from our sessions and will continue to seek her support as I move on to become a life coach — confident, enthused and inspired — and will remember and practice all that I have learned." - Nicki Rogers


"In the same way that foundations are essential before building a house, so Jackie's experience and knowledge provided me with the framework that will help me to build my coaching practice and make it successful. Her bottomless resources, together with her relaxed, encouraging approach, were invaluable to me. I shall not hesitate to use her services again or to recommend her to clients who require her expertise. Thanks again Jackie. I shall miss our times together." - Penny Mansfield, Life Coach



Coaching Resources

The following books contain some great coaching tools and techniques as well as covering some of the key principles and concepts. So if you are looking for information on core coaching skills and strategies, I recommend that reading the books below would be a good place to start.


  • "The Coaching Manual" by Julie Starr

  • "Co–active Coaching" by Laura Whitworth, Karen Kimsey–House, Henry Kimsey–House and Phillip Sandahl

  • "Supercoach" by Michael Neill

  • "Change your Questions, Change your Life" by Marilee Adams

  • "The Life Coaching Handbook" by Curly Martin

  • "Time to Think" by Nancy Kline

  • "Good Questions: The Art of Asking Questions to Bring About Positive Change" by Judy Barber

  • "The Portable Coach" by Thomas J. Leonard

  • "Coaching for Performance" by John Whitmore

  • "Coaching with NLP" by Joseph O'Connor and Andrea Lages

  • "The Complete Guide to Coaching at Work" by Perry Zeus and Suzanne Skiffington

  • "Awaken the Giant Within" by Anthony Robbins

  • "Unlimited Power" by Anthony Robbins

  • "You Can Have What You Want" by Michael Neill

  • "Get Clients Now" by C.J. Hayden


All the above books are available from Amazon – just copy and paste the title of the book you want into the search facility below

Mentor Coaching

Starting out as a coach is an exciting time; you are probably strongly drawn to this as a career and you want to be the best you can be, however there is so much to do and so much to learn — so this is where mentor coaching can be an invaluable resource for you.

I particularly enjoy working with new and aspiring coaches, loving their enthusiasm and passion. Working as a mentor coach in the past five years, I have supported these clients in the following areas:


  • Developing their coaching skills and confidence

  • Gaining their coaching qualification

  • Learning various coaching models and techniques

  • Getting started with their first clients

  • Setting up their business

  • Marketing their practice and identifying their ideal clients

  • Understanding the skills necessary to be a masterful coach

  • Continuing their own personal development


Mentoring is also available for experienced coaches; for those who want to take some time to increase their skills, reflect on their work or explore additional ways of building their business.


Mentoring services available:

  • While you are training - Coaching and Mentoring to support you towards getting qualified and being confident to coach.

  • Next Level Coaching Skills - This is for when you have completed your initial training and want to learn additional techniques.

  • A One Year Full Support Mentoring Programme - This provides you with fortnightly sessions to support you in building your coaching business, developing your skills and working on your own personal development.


And please note that, whilst I don't provide accredited coach training myself, if you are thinking about becoming a coach, I am happy to talk with you about this.


Client testimonials

Testimonials from some of the coaches I have worked with are provided below.


For further information, or to book your mentor coaching sessions, call me now on 01425 472354 or email me at jackie@transitionslifecoaching.co.uk


Experience and Qualifications

  • In 2002, I founded Transitions Life Coaching, a successful business specializing in personal and career coaching, and I have been providing mentoring services for the last ten years.

  • My coaching qualifications include the accredited LCH Diploma and a Diploma in Business Performance Coaching.

  • For the past 3 years I have been studying the 3 Principles and bringing this into my coaching practice.

  • I have an honours degree in Psychology from the Open University.  

  • I am an Advanced EFT Practitioner and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner.  

  • I am also a qualified coach supervisor, having trained with the Coaching Supervision Academy in 2008. (Click here if you are interested in having coaching supervision)

For further information about my mentor coaching services, or to book your coaching sessions, call me now on 01425 472354 or email me. Coaching sessions are available via Skype by prior arrangement.

"life is a promise; fulfill it"

We could all use a little coaching. When you're playing the game, it's hard to think of everything.


~ Jim Rohn

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Client testimonials

"I have had 12 mentoring sessions from Jackie and they have been really helpful.  I have gained a huge amount of confidence in my coaching style, which has been invaluable.  She has pointed me towards some excellent resources which again have made a lot of difference to me - and hopefully to my clients.  I have felt, from the very start of our relationship, that she has understood me and believed in me.  She has sometimes been challenging but has always been encouraging.  Best of all, to me, she has been realistic and practical.  In summary, I feel that the time and money that I've spent with Jackie has been a really good investment into my coaching business.”  

Duncan Elliot, Force Four Coaching