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Why is life coaching so successful?

  • It focuses on positive action.

  • Working in partnership with your coach, you accomplish much more than you could achieve alone.

  • Coaching stimulates, inspires and empowers you.

  • It helps you break through your limiting beliefs and self-doubt.

  • Coaching unlocks the potential you already have within you.

  • The coaching structure creates support, motivation and accountability.

How Balanced is your life at present?


Take a look at the Wheel of Life to find out!


How does the coaching process help you?

  • You get to spend time working out what you really want in your life within a safe, supportive coaching structure, talking with a coach whose only agenda is your success and happiness.

  • Coaching questions act as a catalyst to your thought processes. You will fully explore your dreams and ambitions then form a plan of action to achieve them, having considered various new options and ideas.

  • The coaching relationship provides accountability, support and encouragement.

  • Information acquired from identifying and prioritising your values, and then examining whether you are living in accordance with them, enables you to live an authentic, purposeful life.

  • You will gain some personal insights into your beliefs, behaviour and motivation.

  • It provides you with tools and techniques to silence your inner critic, boost your confidence, maximise your potential and function at your best.

  • You can plan a better future and bring balance to your life.


"Since working with Jackie, I have found the determination, enthusiasm and confidence to change my career direction and secure an exciting and challenging role with a great company. Three months ago this was just a dream. Coaching helped me make it a reality."

- Fiona Broster, Oxford


What will I provide as your Life Coach?

  • A non-judgemental, objective partner whose only agenda is helping you realise your potential and achieve your dreams.

  • A confidential, independent sounding board.

  • Your own personal cheerleader — supporting and encouraging you along the way to your success and helping you overcome any obstacle or barriers.

  • Techniques to help you better understand yourself.

  • Constructive feedback, motivation, intuition and experience, all focused on helping you effectively accomplish more and be the best you can.



And finally — What life coaching is not.

  • Therapy.

  • About uncovering, analysing and healing issues in your emotional past.

  • Prescriptive.

  • Nagging – you've got relatives for that!

How Life Coaching Works

How will you benefit?

  • Create and live the balanced life you really want.

  • Understand the values and beliefs that guide you and influence your decisions.

  • Become energetic, focused and enthusiastic.

  • Achieve happiness and fulfilment.

  • Boost your confidence and feel more successful.

  • Become more effective at work and achieve more than you ever thought possible.

  • Enjoy having more good things in your life!

  • Take control of your life and your future.


"I was looking for focus, what I got was a huge insight which helped me change and make important and positive life changes. It's all potential that is within yourself, but Jackie helped me to help myself tap into this and learn along the way."

- Lisa, Poole


What's the actual process?

  • Have an exploratory session with me to discuss what you want to achieve and satisfy yourself that we can work together. There is no charge for this, and no obligation.

  • Assess which areas of your life you would like to work on.

  • Agree a mutually convenient time when you will telephone me for your sessions.

  • Decide upon the frequency of the coaching sessions and the length of the programme you want. - Most clients start with an hour per week, for an initial 4 or 6 week programme, however this can be flexible.

  • During the sessions we discuss progress to date, check your current requirements, work on those, and then agree your next actions.

  • Overall progress is reviewed regularly to ensure you are achieving what you really want.


Life Coach Jackie Fletcher


For further information, or to book your life coaching programme, call me now on 01425 472354 or email me. Although I am based in Hampshire, England, I work with individuals throughout the UK and Europe.

Jackie Fletcher

If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.


Thomas Edison


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