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Coaching Testimonials

"I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to be mentored by Jackie over the past 6 months. She has supported and encouraged me to overcome my limiting beliefs and reach my full potential, and her wealth of knowledge and experience has been invaluable. I have always felt Jackie is really 'for' me, and she puts herself out to provide a service over and above that which is expected." - Claire Smith


"As an aspiring coach myself, working with Jackie has really put me on the right path, much sooner and more efficiently than if I was setting up my business alone. I would most certainly recommend hiring a coach to assist this process. Each session with Jackie allowed me to express myself, my ideas and my thoughts towards my business. At the same time every session achieved uncovering a new layer of thinking and direction of goals towards achieving my business. In an ideal world, I would work with Jackie every step of the way, in reality, Jackie has given me the tools and drive to carry on moving forward and building up." - Helena Barnes

"Having Jackie as my career coach has been one of the best choices I have ever made; the experience has been transformational. When I started the process I was lost in a world of options and had no clarity on who I was in relationship to my career nor what direction I wanted to follow. I had tried various self-study 'find your career' books and exercises and was still no further forward. Jackie's skill, empathy and ability to see beyond what I was saying into what I really meant allowed me to reach a state of knowing and certainty. I know now who I am, what I want and I have the courage to go get it. My career that I have chosen through this process is one I had never thought of before and yet it matches me in all ways. I am so excited and energised and I cannot give Jackie enough thanks for getting me here. I could not have done this alone and would recommend Jackie to anyone." - Antony Cahane


"I worked with Jackie as my mentor coach for a period of six months. During this time Jackie empowered me to stay focused, maintain commitment and most importantly, have belief in me. Our sessions were completely client lead and enabled me to progress through a variety of issues relating to my own learning journey. Her wealth of knowledge and experience as a coach is invaluable and this combined with her modest non directional coaching approach leaves me no hesitation in recommending Jackie to any new trainee coach." - N. Shearer


"I have had the pleasure of working with Jackie over the last 6 months and she has supported me on my journey to attain my own coaching qualification. I can wholeheartedly recommend Jackie as a coach and mentor. I have found her to be knowledgeable, supportive and generous in terms of her time and wealth of information and resources. Jackie uses her toolbox of questions, techniques and experiences to guide you to find your own way to move forward to success. She is intuitive, skilful and a complete joy to work with — thank you!" - Caroline Eveleigh


"Jackie's love, guidance, knowledge and support truly brought out the best in me. The career coaching sessions are well structured in that you explore the things you dream about and then with her patient and limitless, yet realistic, thinking you discover ways in which you can make them reality. A role model to the very core, it is hard not to do well under her guidance. The sessions were inspiring, motivating, fun and enjoyable, and exactly what I needed. In short, Jackie is very good at what she does." - BH


"I would like to thank you again for your support, guidance and expertise in life coaching. You are an inspiration. When I think back to our sessions I know that I will be a Life Coach. You have given me my confidence back and helped clear the fog in this exciting and eventful venture I am about to encounter. I cannot believe how much knowledge you have and I am so grateful for all the recommended literature and techniques you have given me. I will be back for more and anyone who uses you will certainly get their money's worth!" - Helen B–C, Birmingham


"I am truly fortunate to have had Jackie as my mentor coach. She has a warm, open and positive approach and was genuinely committed to supporting me in starting my own coaching practice. I found the sessions fun, highly thought provoking and full of encouragement. I have benefited immensely from her incredible knowledge and vast experience. So, thank you Jackie, for giving me the tools and confidence to succeed!" Lesley–Anne, L.A. Coaching, France


"I have really enjoyed working with Jackie. She is inspirational and my coaching journey has produced many, many happy results. I would highly recommend this amazing experience. Jackie uses a wealth of tools and techniques and produces brilliant outcomes. I am so much happier and in control of my life." - Natalie Guy


"Jackie — I just want to thank you for all your encouragement and support. Deciding to have life coaching with you was one of the most worthwhile investments I have ever made. you have helped me to go beyond my own limitations and to believe that I can live the life I dream of. You have helped me to transform my life and for this I will always be so grateful. My world is a better place, thank you." - Natasha Mair, St Albans


"Jackie at Transitions Life Coaching really helped me zero in on what I wanted not just from my job, but from my life as a whole. Her advice has enabled me to work more efficiently, more enjoyably and to run my business in a way that suits my personality and my strengths and skill set. Thanks Jackie!" - Hugh Poynton, Sailfish Media


"Thank you very much, Jackie, for our inspiring sessions together. Your warmth, open–minded manner and generosity in sharing all your wealth of knowledge and experience have been fantastic. Having the coaching sessions with you have certainly been a wise investment, both in terms of my Career Coaching Practice and for me personally. Through modelling you, I know that my coaching skills have developed, therefore benefiting me and also my clients. Isn't it wonderful that your wisdom spreads through so many people! I appreciate your clarity; treating me as an equal, and celebrating my successes. Thank you, Jackie, for being a great coach and mentor."

- Lindsey Reed


"I have been most fortunate to have had Jackie Fletcher as my mentor coach over the past few months. She has sensitively dealt with my insecurities and doubts ensuring that I continue to progress towards my goals. She has been extremely generous with her knowledge and experience which, along with her insight, has enriched and deepened my understanding. As a result of Jackie's coaching my confidence has soared, I have exceeded my expectations and achieved so much more than I thought was possible. Her coaching has been a fantastic illustration of the positive, accelerating power of life coaching. My studying is complete and I now have my own coaching practice — fabulous!" - Fiona Laurent, Renew Life Coaching


"I had 12 mentor coaching sessions with Jackie, as part of my Achievement Specialists Life Coaching qualification. Without these sessions I certainly would not have made as much progress as quickly as I did, and it was very satisfying to share my success — from my first client to completion of my course and qualification. Jackie is extremely encouraging, warm, supportive, challenging in the right doses, a great listener and an invaluable source of knowledge, experience and inspiration that really helped my motivation and momentum in setting up my coaching practice. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jackie as a coach and mentor, and will most definitely be keeping in touch." - Sarah Robinson


"Jackie's approach to coaching is thoroughly inspiring. Her relaxed, non–judgemental manner make the sessions both enjoyable and a complete learning experience. Her advice always has a practical dimension and the techniques which she employs are incredibly useful. I cannot recommend her coaching sessions highly enough." - CD


"Before working with Jackie, I was struggling with the idea of retirement and what sort of future I wanted, not clear how to balance my time and energy, unclear about my values and how they fitted with my life after teaching and I was worrying about my work as a life coach in terms of effectiveness, marketing and skills. After working with Jackie, I am coping well with and really enjoying semi-retirement, I have a life that is far more in balance, I understand myself and my values in much greater depth, I am moving ahead as a coach, and I am using my skills for the good of society." - John Rising, North Yorkshire


"I found myself quickly changing after working with Jackie. I became more focused and started to achieve my goals rather than just think about them". - Mark, Hampshire

"I was looking for a coach to help with relationship issues, time management and study anxieties and I'm so glad I chose Jackie. Over the course of six sessions we were able to work through different issues and, as a result, I felt more empowered and confident on what I was working towards, both professionally and personally. Jackie challenged me to move forward, whilst remaining empathic and supportive throughout. She also mentored me as I worked through my studying for a Diploma in Life Coaching. As a result, I'm due to qualify in the next few months and I've had the courage and conviction to make major changes in my personal life." - Rebekah Roberts, South West


"Working with Jackie is a truly liberating experience. She has inspired me to push forward with some things I've always wanted to do and helped me discover some I didn't know about" - Allison, Southampton


"Having lost my way on my career path I was in need of guidance to find out what I really could achieve. This was deeply and thoroughly explored with care and attention to detail by Jackie and myself, without me even being fully aware of it happening! The exercises I completed not only empowered me with a range of tools to expand my potential in my working life but it also helped me find which direction would be the most fulfilling for me, both in work and my free time. It also kicked me up the backside by making me realise that this world needs to be grasped proactively rather than let it wash over me."- Nick, Southampton


"In the same way that foundations are essential before building a house, so Jackie's experience and knowledge provided me with the framework that will help me to build my coaching practice and make it successful. Her bottomless resources, together with her relaxed, encouraging approach, were invaluable to me. I shall not hesitate to use her services again or to recommend her to clients who require her expertise. Thanks again Jackie. I shall miss our times together." - Penny Mansfield, Life Coach


"Jackie has been a real support to me over the initial phase of starting up my own coaching practice. The discipline of our regular sessions encouraged me to focus on my goals and our conversations gave me the space to talk through several aspects of my work and how it fits in to the rest of my life. By talking to Jackie I have been able to establish my own style and to build my confidence — I am grateful to her for her advice and good sense."

- Alison Robinson


"Jackie's coaching style is warm and unabrasive. During our sessions she provided valuable insights into how I am motivated and what was holding me back based on questions/answers and her own valid intuition. She has a wealth of knowledge and comes armed with an array of useful tools and exercises. Jackie communicates in a lovely relaxed way and her coaching has allowed me to push through my old habits and insecurities. I am very grateful!" -  Elizabeth, Birmingham


"My experience of being coached by Jackie was really positive and rewarding. I knew where I wanted to go but was struggling to start the journey whilst continuing my professional and educational commitments. Jackie gave me the motivation and enthusiasm to start that journey whilst continuing to fulfil my other commitments. Five months on I can truly say I am on the way to fulfilling my dreams; my dreams are finally becoming a reality." - Paulette, Buckinghamshire


"Jackie is a very positive, warm person with a genuine passion for her work. She gave me a structured programme for defining what I really value and what I want in my life. Her extensive knowledge and experience helped start my search for the career and life I've always had an inkling was me. Jackie will help reveal the colour beneath your grey cloud of confusion in an open and safe environment." - Ben S. London


"Without Jackie I would not have even thought about identifying my values, personal and professional. Without Jackie I would not have looked at my skills and achievements through my own eyes rather than others. And without Jackie I would not have invested time in matching my values with my skills and achievements to discover deep–seated goals that would otherwise never have seen the light of day. Thanks Jackie!" - Keith, Wimborne, Dorset


"Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Jackie. As a result of your total support and outstanding coaching, I feel able, focused and fully equipped with a myriad of strategies to deal with whatever challenges I am faced with. You have helped transform areas of my life and instead of feeling fearful and negative, I now feel in control of my life, incredibly positive and unbelievably excited about the future!" - Natasha, London


"Since working with Jackie, I have found the determination, enthusiasm and confidence to change my career direction and secure an exciting and challenging role with a great company. Three months ago this was just a dream. Coaching helped me make it a reality." - Fiona Broster, Oxford


"I was looking for focus, what I got was a huge insight which helped me change and make important and positive life changes. It's all potential that is within yourself, but Jackie helped me to help myself tap into this and learn along the way." - Lisa, Poole


"Thank you for giving me support, motivation and focus over the past 6 weeks, I've very much enjoyed our sessions and would recommend you highly as a life coach." - D. Phillipps, Conwy


"When I started working with Jackie just over a year ago, I had lost my sense of who I was. No longer. Jackie is an amazingly inspirational life coach. Non–judgemental, gentle and kind, a great listener and with a lovely voice, she guided me and helped me focus on who I am, my values and my beliefs, until I found the real me. Thank you Jackie for making a positive contribution to my life." - Mary, Hampshire


"To be on your rightful path is a truly wonderful experience. It takes a very special coach to encompass the Mind, Body and Soul — the Mind to focus, the Body to take action and the Soul to trust — Jackie showed me how." - Toni Gallon, Reiki Master and Teacher


"Coaching has helped me to recognise that I am good at my job! I am successful, confident and organised, and I achieve the goals I have set — especially now that I have a plan of action. Jackie also helped me to think carefully about the way I can manage people, and how I can deal with any internal or external barriers to my success. Thanks!" - Matthew Fox, Southampton


"Life coaching enabled me to set clear goals for the next stage of my development, and having a direction motivated me to do something about my position at work. I have become more positive, confident and relaxed, and I found the coaching to be a thought provoking experience" - AE, Winchester


"The coaching I received has made a positive impact towards achieving my goals and has been thoroughly worthwhile. My performance at work has been enhanced, I've overcome a problem which looked impossible before, and I feel confident that I will progress even further." - DJS, London


"Jackie Fletcher has coached me for 6 months now. I am setting up my own coaching practice and with Jackie's help I am much further along the path in joining her as a professional coach. During our sessions Jackie has been selfless in sharing her knowledge and experiences. With her help I have become confident and better equipped to deliver a similar professional coaching service to my clients. I look forward to working with Jackie again when I make the jump to a full time, professional coach." - Justin Meadows, Kwatee Coaching


If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.


Thomas Edison


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