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Life Coach

Helping you create and live the life you really want

Jackie Fletcher  

BSc (Hons) Psychology

LCH Diploma

Coach Supervisor

Licensed Career Coach

Advanced EFT Practitioner

Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner




How will you benefit from all this?

As a professional life coach and Three Principles practitioner, combining her training, experience and people development skills, through personal, career and business coaching, Jackie has helped her clients to achieve the following:


  • Get more focus, direction and purpose

  • Manage their time better and work more effectively

  • Appreciate and acknowledge their skills, abilities and achievements

  • Feel more confident, positive and optimistic

  • Improve their communication skills

  • Set and achieve goals

  • Review their career options

  • Find meaningful work

  • Clarify their values and understand what is important to them

  • Balance their lives

  • Be all they can be

Contact me now to discover how a coaching programme could support you. Call me on 01425 472354 or email me. Although I am based in Hampshire, England, I work by phone     and Skype with individuals throughout the UK and Europe.

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If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.


Thomas Edison


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Following a 22-year career in an industry where she was applying coaching skills on a daily basis, Jackie has been helping people transform their lives as a professional life coach for more than 15 years.




Jackie holds the accredited LCH Diploma after training in 2002 as a Life Coach Practitioner with Curly Martin, the International Life Coach and author of 'The Life Coaching Handbook' and is a licensed career coach. She has a Diploma in Business Performance Coaching and a Life Coaching Certificate, both from Newcastle College, and in 2005 trained as a career coach. Jackie is an advanced EFT practitioner who has trained with The EFT Centre in London, and she has completed Reiki levels 1 and 2. With an honours degree in Psychology from the Open University, Jackie has also trained with the Coaching Supervision Academy to become a coach supervisor, qualifying in 2008. This reflects her commitment to continually broadening her portfolio of skills and techniques to enhance and develop her coaching practice.


In July 2010 Jackie attended Dr Robert Holden's Happiness Coaching course and Dr Bradley Nelson’s course on Emotion Code healing. Throughout 2012 Jackie learned about heart intelligence coaching via Christian Pankhurst’s programme. She is also studying the Three Principles and attended Michael Neill’s advanced coach training “Coaching from the Inside Out”. All these approaches are being incorporated in to her method of coaching.



Background and experience

Following years of soul–searching, Jackie faced the reality that her life was seriously out of balance. She knew she needed to make some major changes if she was ever going to be happy and fulfilled. It took a few months of dedicated planning before she made her escape from the corporate world in 2001 — since when she has never looked back.


Jackie had worked as an insolvency practitioner for 22 years, dealing with receiverships, liquidations, and bankruptcies — none of these very positive life experiences for the people concerned. So not only did she gain extensive business experience, she was also helping people find a way out of crisis situations, thereby naturally developing her life–coaching skills. A big realisation for Jackie in all this was that she would have to start applying these skills to herself if she was to emerge from the crisis in her own life.


This transition meant moving out of the very negative place where she was — affecting her health, her relationships and her outlook on the world. It meant doing some hard work on herself: examining how things were, how she really wanted them to be: what she had to do to make the necessary changes: and what things she had to actively lose or acquire in her life. It meant learning some difficult but valuable lessons.


One of the most important lessons Jackie learned was that she could not have done this alone — the guidance and help she received from skilled people had been crucial in the achievement of her goals. Another was that she had to discover who she truly was — her personal values and her real needs — her authentic self. Once this was clear, she was able to work with other people to help them through a similar process.


Jackie has learned that changing our lives for the better is easier than we may believe if we get the right support, guidance and encouragement. Above all, this needs to be given in a non–judgmental way. This is where our friends and loved ones may fall short.


This is not because they don't love us or care about us, but because it is hard for them to be objective and they do not necessarily have the capability to give us the right kind of help. Just as you would not let your partner perform heart surgery on you if she/he were not a trained specialist, you need a trained specialist to help you transform your life.


Jackie Fletcher is certainly a well–trained specialist in the field of Life Coaching. She's been there, she's done it, and she's living the life she always wanted — enjoying helping lots of other people do the same.

Whilst Jackie's coaching practise is based in Hampshire, UK, she has worked and continues to work with individuals from the UK and throughout Europe.


Jackie works in accordance with the Code of Ethics set out by the Association for Coaching, as detailed here.


Jackie in the Media

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